2.5K on Instagram!

My love, Claudia, took this pic of me some months ago at Garage Beer co., one of my top craftbeer bars in Barcelona.

Yesterday I reached 2.5k on Instagram, so I wanted to Continúa leyendo “2.5K on Instagram!”

Shooting for NaparBCN with CerveTV 2

It was a great day shooting for CerveTV at Naparbier in Noain for NaparBCN.

We shot the Pumpkin Tzar brewing process and some hops and malt particles at high speed frame rate. You can see this work at Continúa leyendo “Shooting for NaparBCN with CerveTV 2”

BBF Experience giveaway winners!

We have the winner of the two BBF Experience tickets givaway for next Barcelona Beer Festival. Congratulations! In addition, we have two alternates who would take the prize if the winner is unable to attend the festival or does not get in touch with me. If the winner gets the prize correctly (that’s what we all want), the two alternate find me at the festival, … Continúa leyendo BBF Experience giveaway winners!

1000 Followers on Instagram!

1000 followers on Instagram!!! Time to thank! Thanks everyone out there for the support! This beer needed a special time. It was brewed at a BrewHome course on home brewing that taught me lots about this drink we all love. Marisotter and Carapils malt & citra hops for this ‘canibale’, resulted on this citric, pretty dark pale ale. Thanks BrewHome! Continúa leyendo 1000 Followers on Instagram!